System Requirements for online and mobile banking – TLS 1.2


Personal Online Banking gives you access to any account at our bank on which you are a signer. The latest technologies provide a safe, secure and convenient way to bank 24 hours a day from wherever Internet service is accessible.


Text and data rates may apply.


  • View a listing of accounts in which you are a signer
  • View real-time account balances
  • View current and previous statement transactions
  • Search for a particular transaction or a check
  • Make one-time transfers and set up recurring transfers
  • Access your account eStatement (see below)
  • Make loan payments
  • Integrate with personal financial management software such as Quicken ® or QuickBooks ®
  • Pay bills online


Once you have established your personal online banking, be sure to begin using it promptly and consistently.

For your account security, ninety days of online banking inactivity requires re-enrollment.

Personal Bill Pay provides the hassle-free convenience of paying bills online whenever and from wherever you want, provided you have Internet access.


  • Pay anyone you would normally pay by check
  • Receive billings electronically
  • Establish bill payment recipients in bill pay account
  • Input the payment amount and schedule the payment date
  • Track your expenses
  • Avoid trips to the post office and the cost of stamps and checks

Popmoney gives you the option of people-to-people money transfer between accounts and is accessed through Personal Bill Pay. While there are no fees associated with active Personal Bill Pay accounts, there are fees assessed when utilizing Popmoney. These fees are disclosed to you at the time of the transaction, at which time you can accept the fee and continue with the transaction or you can cancel the transaction and incur no fee.

eStatements are available to all online banking clients—personal and business. It’s simple to enroll and you can:


  • Receive prompt email notification of statement availability
  • View eStatement the moment it is issued, avoiding mail-time delay
  • Access through your online banking account
  • Enroll all personal or commercial checking, savings and money market accounts
  • Save eStatement to your personal computer for easy archiving or download into systems such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Money and Quicken.




Our personal banking clients can easily enroll in online banking. Simply go to our Online Banking log-in box found at the top of this page and select ENROLL.


Our Banking Specialists stand ready to assist you and provide ongoing personal service in support of our online banking and bill pay services.