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Street-name Shareholders (shares held in a brokerage account): Please contact your stockbroker directly for information on your account.


For all others, Broadridge, Inc., our Transfer Agent, provides shareholder services. You can access your shareholder account in one of the following ways:


PHONE: Toll-free 1-855-449-0975


INTERNET: Establish/Manage your account at


  • View Your Account
  • Manage Your Dividend Payments
  • Change Your Address
  • Request Duplicate 1099s, and more


MAIL TO: (Regular Mail)


Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions

PO Box 1342

Brentwood, NY 11717

MAIL TO: (Overnight Delivery)


Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions

Attn: IWS

1155 Long Island Avenue

Edgewood, NY 11717



Investor Relations


Renee White

Landmark Bancshares, Inc.

307 N. Marietta Parkway

Marietta, GA 30060


Direct Phone: 770-799-5660

Main Phone: 770-792-8870


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If you are not a shareholder and desire financial information on Landmark Bancshares, Inc, please visit There you can find financial information that is made available to the general public on every Member FDIC financial institution.


Warning: The above listed regular email addresses are not encrypted, please do not include any personal information or passwords. Basic email is not a secure means of communication and should not be used to convey your social security number, date of birth or account number. If you wish to send files securely, please click the SEND A SECURE EMAIL/FILE link, select the person with whom you wish to send your information, and follow the prompts.