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We are delighted to announce the members of the 2017 Advisory Board. In addition to their ability to network with one another, they are invaluable to us as a focus group and referral source as well as being clients who can identify areas where we have room for improvement. Each of our family of banks has its unique Advisory Board, and on January 26, 2017 they had a joint meeting at The Georgian Club to kick off the year.



Dan Buyers McWhirter Realty Partners
Richard Gardner Austell Dental Associates
Linda Hagood Recruiting Consultant
Bob Krause Newport Development Partners LLC
Nick Massengill BMC
Pat McPherson Pharmacy Industry
Bonnie Reavis Zenith Design Group, Inc.
Woody Snell Lynwood Development Group
Steve "Thunder" Tumlin Smith, Tumlin, McCurley & Patrick
Carl Vann Vann, Whipple Milligan, P.C.
John Varner Sovereign Risk Solutions, LLC